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In 1968, the first London to Sydney rally lasted 25 days – about the same number of days it took us from the first order of an Australian subscriber to establish an exclusive distribution for Australia and New Zealand. Welcome, Down Under!
Our rapid international expansion already includes Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brazil, Canada, the US and South Africa alongside the European markets. Plenty of motivation for us to continue to work on AUTOMOBILSPORT with the same care and passion you have come to expect!
Because we're aiming to be international, we're taking a close look at the United States of America in the current issue. That's where we found James Ellis Hall, born 80 years ago on July 23 in Texas. Jim – who scored three championship points during his 1963 Formula 1 campaign, two of which came at the Nürburgring – set up Chaparral more than 50 years ago. The revolutionary 1965 car won 16 of its 21 starts that year. Chaparral scored unforgettable wins at the Sebring 12 Hours and the 500-km race at Bridgehampton, both races part of the World Sportscar Championship, and in the sensational 1966 Nürburgring 1000km, where Phil Hill and Joakim Bonnier dominated in the Chaparral 2D. You can read all about Jim Hall and his ground-breaking innovations in this issue.
Another man who set many things in motion in the world of racing and was held in high regard internationally was Dieter Stappert. The team manager of BMW's motorsport programme from 1980 to 1985, he was pivotal in getting the company to enter Formula 1. He later made sure that ATS, the only German team in Formula 1, was provided with the strong BMW powerplants, and helped his Austrian compatriot Gerhard Berger make his Formula 1 debut with that very team (and, naturally, with BMW power). We're very happy that Dieter's son, Christoph Stappert, interviewed Berger about his time with ATS for this issue of AUTOMOBILSPORT. You can read their conversation in the coming new issue.
It goes without saying that we did quite a bit of research on other stories as well and put together a strong mix for our fifth AUTOMOBILSPORT magazine. Dear readers, we hope that you will be as excited as we are about our summer issue. Or winter issue - depending on where in the world you're reading.

Pages: 160
Publishing house: Sportfahrer Verlag
Language: English
Format: 210 x 297 Millimeter

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