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AUTOMOBILSPORT #14 (04/2017) - English Edition - incl. Poster

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There was once a time when not everything was focussed on optimising life, perfectly structuring schedules, or improving processes. From today’s perspective, the past often seems more human and pleasant than our sometimes sterile modern life. It wasn’t all about commercialisation and appearance, it was about content and values. Not about simply reaching a goal, but the journey that was shared with companions and friends.

Our writer Eberhard Reuß covers the more carefree late 1960s and early 1970s in his two-part review of the early 1,600 cc era of the European Formula 2 Championship. It’s difficult to imagine a series like that in modern times, particularly one with genuine manufacturer involvement. Today it would be dictated, regulated, and perhaps even manipulated – the great freedom is over.

In Issue #14 we delve into eras of the sport during which everything wasn’t necessarily better, but certainly more relaxed and at the same time more exciting. Or is that simply a product of over-romanticising the past? Either way, it’s a beautiful vision of days gone by, and perhaps it can even inspire us to alter the present and future in a small way. To change, to take different paths, is in our own hands.

Renault took fate into its own hands in the mid-1970s. Our cover story provides a detailed insight into a unique era of motorsport. Renault-Alpine set themselves the goal of winning their home race at Le Mans. The specially-developed sports car with ground-breaking technology finally conquered the 24-hour epic in 1978, during its final phase of development. From 1977 onwards the turbo engine was used in Formula 1, despite it being a completely different discipline. Success was hard to come by at first, but Renault stuck to its guns and finally broke through for a first Grand Prix win at Dijon with Jean-Pierre Jabouille. The result turned Formula 1 on its head. Suddenly, the turbo technology forced Renault’s rivals to rethink their own plans. Persistence pays off. 

You can read all about Renault’s turbocharged adventures in this issue – alongside a number of other exciting stories.


In issue #14 you will find:


BASIC RESARCH – Alpine-Renault's beginnings in sports car racing POWER BOOST - Alpine-Renault adopts turbo technology ASCENT TO THE SUMMIT - Winning Le Mans in 1978 TRAILBLAZER – Jean-Pierre Jabouille AGAINST ALL RESISTANCE – Renault turbo power in Formula 1

Dirk Fuchs on Dick Seaman
Eberhard Reuss on the European Formula 2 Championship 1967-1971
Eckhard Schimpf on the BMW 328 Mille Miglia Coupé
John Davenport on the Ford Escort RS 1700T
Back on track - Porsche 917/30-001 and DeTomaso Pantera Gr.4
and many more! 


Pages: 144
Publishing house: Sportfahrer
Language: English
Format: 210 x 297 Millimeter

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